Why Us

At KITSO Training and Development Services we recognise that we are more than just a business but are instead a vital link in our community. It is this kind of passion that drives us to ensure that our beneficiaries are rewarded not only in skills but also in greater self-fulfilment and a renewed sense for achievement. We are extremely passionate about education as it is by education that we will make this country great.

Since 2005 we have invested our efforts in a social responsibility project, the KITSO Girls Network, which specializes in Life skills training. We created a customized training programme based upon media research, our accumulated training experience, and our prior on-going involvement with girls both within and out of the school environment.

Why choose Kitso Training & Development

  • We remove the burden of the skills development plan and logistics from management to allow the to do their work with stressing about training.
  • Our managing director does classroom visits and engage with learners on a regular basis.
  • We promise and deliver results on time to our clients.
  • We have an established track record.
  • Our IEB results with +-75% pass rate are testimony to hard work,commitment and consistency.
  • We have an excellent collaboration with our clients
  • We are trusted by over 180 clients.
  • We balance our leaners' workplace skills with the classroom theoretical skills.

Pass Rates

KITSO Learner Pass Rate
Year Rate
2006 80%
2007 90%
2008 74%
2009 83%
2010 89%
2011 75%
2012 78%
2013 82%


We have received good, positive feedback from our employees who are currently undergoing ABET training through KITSO Training and Development.

We believe the current ABET training will be truly worthwhile and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

- Lee Ann Morgan - Skills Development Facilitator

They have proven to be a reliable Training Provider that has continually met all the obligations and commitments they have made as well as the ones we have requested.

It has been a pleasure interacting with their team and I look forward to the opportunity of working with them in the future.

- Lyn Hoare - Training Manager

Our Clients

Success Stories

Siphosethu Thusi

I had never done Maths before I joined ABET. Now I find Maths very interesting. I have gained confidence, and I can write all types of letters. My intention is to further my studies in Computer Literacy.

Siposethu Thusi
Sarah Malatji

My English language has improved. I can now read properly, take instructions, do my budget and make provision to save my funds.

Sarah Malatji
Irene Shoroma

 I used to be fearful when I had to express myself. ABET has given me the confidence to want to study further.

Irene Shoroma