Thursday, April 5, 2012

The project started in April 2012 with the total number of 19 learners. Currently we have 13 learners remaining as some have unfortunately dropped out.

The target beneficiaries for the project are the Fluor cleaning and gardening employees who did not get a chance to finish their Grade 12 The highest grade in which education is provided by a school as defined in the South African Schools Act, 1996studies. This is aimed at equipping the learners to function well at their workplace and in the community where they reside.

The focus is on functional literacy for all, based on the two fundamental learning That learning which forms the grounding or basis needed to undertake the education, training or further learning required in the obtaining of a qualification The formal recognition of the achievement of the required number and range of credits and other requirements at specific levels of the NQF determined by the relevant bodies registered Officially registered (recorded) in terms of the National Qualifications Frameworkby SAQAand 'fundamental' has a corresponding meaningareas (Communication in English and Maths Literacy). These fundamentals serve as a bridge for to further training opportunities for those who succeed at AET Adult Education and Training (ABET)(ABET)Adult Basic Education and Training Level 4 – NQF National Qualifications FrameworkLevel 1. All learners who joined the project were trained at the levels where they were placed before the project resumed.

The success of the project has been remarkable. Some of the learners who started at AET Adult Education and Training (ABET)Level 3 in Communication (English), have now passed the Level 4. The average passing rate of the learners is 85%. 

The learners are soon to write their Level 4 Maths Literacy and we are hoping for the best results.